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Social Media Account Terms of Use

Any person (User) using a Magellan Aviation Group (Magellan or Company) owned Social Networking Service (SNS) account intending to post any photos, videos, links or other content is required to comply with the below terms of use set forth by Magellan.


All Magellan-owned SNS accounts are operated by a Company Representative, appointed by the VP of Global Marketing

SNS Accounts are used to transmit various types of information including, but not limited to, information regarding our products & services, industry and company news, and conference attendance.

Access to Basic Information

Users operating Magellan-owned SNS accounts are deemed to permit access to his or her published profile information including, but not limited to, name, profile picture, gender, network, user ID, friend/contact list, etc.


If Magellan determines that any aspect of the content posted by a User falls under any one of the following items, Magellan may, without the consent of the User, take measures deemed necessary by Magellan including, but not limited to, blocking activities such as accessing or posting comments on all Magellan-owned SNS accounts or deleting the User Content.

  1. Impersonating any third party, including the Company (for the purposes of items 1) – 11) and 13) of this section, the term “Company” includes any officer or employee of the Company);

  2. Infringing on the privacy of any third party by identifying, disclosing or leaking any personal information without the consent of such third party;

  3. Acting in a way that causes, or may cause, any disadvantage or damage to the Company or any third party;

  4. Discriminating against or insulting, defaming, libeling or slandering the Company or any third party;

  5. Insulting any product or service of the Company or any third party, or posting or transmitting any false information regarding any product or service;

  6. Political activities, political campaigning, religious activities or any other activities similar thereto;

  7. Posting or transmitting any harmful computer program, etc.;

  8. Infringing on the copyright or any other intellectual property right of the Company or any third party;

  9. Posting or transmitting any information, etc. that constitutes or induces, or may constitute or induce, any crime;

  10. Activities that are inconsistent with, or may be inconsistent with, any law, statute or public order and morals;

  11. Activities not based in fact that cause a misconception regarding any partnership or cooperative relationship with the Company or any third party, or activities that cause a misconception that the Company or any third party acknowledges, guarantees, supports or recommends a linked site;

  12. Providing a link in a manner that harms the clarity of the content of Our Official Account by using an improper frame link, etc.;

  13. Posts by a User for the purpose of affiliation, promotion or advertisement (including cases where a person is taken to a site not operated by an SNS-operating company and the purpose of such site is affiliation, promotion or advertisement);

  14. Activities unrelated to the intent of Our Official Account; or

  15. Any other act deemed improper by the Company.


  1. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of any information including, but not limited to, the content of Our Official Account, posts, comments, photos or videos.

  2. The Company shall not have any liability for User Content.

  3. The Company shall not have any liability for any damage arising from a User’s use of or the unavailability of Our Official Account.

  4. The Company shall not have any liability for any problems arising among Users or between a User and any third party with respect to Our Official Account.

  5. Intellectual property rights, including copyrights in and to posted User Content, shall belong to the User who posted such content, provided, however, that the User shall, by such posting, grant to the Company a worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive right to refer to and use (including processing, making extracts of, reproducing, publishing, translating and slightly amending) such User Content without notice to the User, and agree not to exercise any intellectual property rights, including copyrights or an author's moral rights, against the Company.

  6. The Company shall not have any liability for any SNS that may have the same name as ours, other than Our Official Account.

  7. The Company shall not have any liability for any statement by any person who uses a false identity.

  8. Because Our Official Account is operated using the system of each SNS-operating company, the Company cannot answer any question about the operations of such system. In addition, the Company cannot answer any question regarding each SNS-operating company’s site, the function of any software or application provided by each SNS-operating company or any third party, or usage methods or any other technical questions.

Handling of Personal Information

The Company shall obtain personal information from Users only in accordance with the Personal Information Privacy Policy set forth by the Company.  

Amendment of these Terms

The Company may amend these Terms without prior notice.

Contact Information

Please use the “Contact Page(” on our official website for any inquiries or comments with respect to the Company and Our Official Account.

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